To preface this conversation, you need to understand I am a 68 year-old make who plays basketball or walks six days a week.  Yes, I have many health problems, but I can still run up and down the court.

Last night, my neighbor needed an ambulance.  As I was talking to the dispatcher, I could not remember the correct address.  I could get part of it, but not all of it.

If my brain had been engaged, I could have given the dispatcher MY address, and the paramedics would have landed within 15 feet of the ailing neighbor.

I do that during times of extreme stress – check out mentally.  If you are talking to me, and the conversation goes somewhere my brain doesn’t want to go, I start to stutter.  Then, I become tongue-tied.  The harder I try to get words out, the more my brain shuts down.  I literally can not think.

FightFlightA few years ago, a former friend told me the phrase “fight or flight.”  My reaction under stress is to freeze.  My brain and body shut down.  I can’t move or talk.  So I guess I fall under the category “flight.”  I don’t PHYSICALLY run away, but my brain and my body “fly” away.  I am useless.

One painful example of this is when our daughter broke her ankle falling off her bike (or was it her leg?).  I was a statue, and my wife had to calmly take over.

It is embarrassing as heck to admit all this.

I would rather fight.




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