CobaltIgnitionI guess I have now reached a certain plateau in my life.

I’ve just had my first automobile recall!

My 2006 Chevy Cobalt has a faulty ignition switch.  If it doesn’t work, the steering mechanism and airbags could turn off.

That sounds simple, but it IS serious.  USA TODAY says, “The ignition switch/airbag problem is blamed for 31 crashes and 12 deaths.”

Chevy has gone so far as to offer owners $500 credit if they want to buy a new car.

CobaltWell, that is a little stretch for me – no new car in my future.

Meanwhile, I sit and wait while Chevy gets the parts.  Might take some time. However, they WILL tow it away if I ask.

Chevy has said if I get really nervous, it will supply me with a loaner.

One of our sons told me a few years back that mine is a “throw away” car.  I guess he meant it is one you drive into the ground without getting too upset about dings and scrapes.

I usually give my cars names, but not this time around.  I just can’t get attached to a “throw away.”  Still, it is the only car I have

I dunno, it is kind of exciting, but at the same time very sobering.

My first time.




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