For years, my doctors have been telling me the best cure to rid my chronic kidney stones is water.

“Flush them suckers out!”

Yeah.  Well, you ever tried drinking over eight huge glasses of water every day?  Before bed time?

Last night was a three–spotter.  I had to get up three times in the middle of the night to drain off an ounce or two of water each trip to the restroom.


BUT I TRY!  Really I do.

I play basketball and I walk.  Lots of water goes down for each exercise.

I’m still loaded with kidney stones.

Now comes word, the more water the better FOR THE BRAIN!

Water-Brain-349x240The latest issue of EXPERIENCE LIFE says, “A new report shows that when you drink water, your brain works better.”

” . . . . the fluid-filled spaces in the brain become enlarged when someone is dehydrated, which causes brain tissue to shrink and makes it harder to think. Thirst can be maddeningly distracting, too. When it’s gone, the brain is free to focus on more important things.”

“To test water’s brain-boosting power, (a psychology lecturer) asked 34 thirsty men and women to perform a series of mental tasks, measuring their reaction time, memory, and learning capabilities. Half were given water; the other half weren’t. The subjects who guzzled about 2 cups of water before completing the tasks increased their reaction time by 14 percent. In addition, the water drinkers felt happier, less confused, and more relaxed.”

“. . . drink up! Your brain will thank you.”

Got it!



2 thoughts on “Water in the brain

  1. My roommate has to drink 100 oz a day! Her secret is she purchased a “big bubba” which is 44oz and fills it with water flavored with Crystal light etc. She drinks 2 of those and is most of the way there! I don’t drink nearly that much but I still have to get up most nights at least one time to take care of business.
    Water is good for you!


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