Sweetwater-Cable-Television-copy1A few years after college, I started work at a television station as an announcer. That was only half my job, though.

My real job was to sell commercial time on Cable Channel 6 in Rock Springs, Wyoming..

That was where the real skill came in. Eventually, I learned a valuable secret.

“Don’t ever try to sell anything on Monday,” station owner Al Carollo told me. “They are still trying to get over the weekend.”

Then he expanded his teaching. “Of course, Friday is out, because people are looking forward to the weekend.”

Okay. That’s logical.

silly“And of course, you never want to get someone late in the day. By the afternoon, they are weighed down with the day’s decisions.”

What was left? Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. Prime pickings.

Too simple? Not at all. In fact, the Carolloian Theory applies to more than just selling advertising. It applies to most interactions between people asked to make a decision. Those three mornings are the best times to hold board meetings, do your taxes, or plan a vacation.

Heck, they are the best times to apply the Edwardian Theory!






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