One of our sons runs a spectacular video gaming center.  All the modern platforms and tons of different games.

eBasheBash in Evansville IND also has hooked up with other locations so gamers can inter-act with all skill levels.  eBash is a BLAST!

Before my boys grew up and left the nest, they were involved in earlier generations of video games.  We go back to the very first Magnavox version of PONG.  You could put different stencils on the TV screen, and move the white ball down a ski slope – but it was still PONG behind the overlay.

It was natural that we progressed through ASTEROIDS, KONG, and – DOOM!

DOOM was really different.  Lots of blood, and lots of hallways to navigate.  I could almost do it!

But then the games became faster, and more intelligent.  We had to pick up ammunition and health vials and magic potions while running as fast as we could toward the enemy.  Some of these games were what were called  “shooters.”  If I was lucky, I got a shooter that only had bad guys involved.  More often than not, however, I was shooting the innocent – IF I could work my way through the maze.

MahjonggA couple of years ago, I found a nice, quiet, adult version of MAHJONG.  Yeah.  68 years old – just match the tiles and they disappear.  Get all the tiles matched, and the volcano explodes in celebration!  Yes!

Now then, to tie the two strings together.

If I play my Mahjong game fast enough, with the sound up, it plays just like a “shooter!”

I want to pick up those pieces faster and faster, and increase the rapidity of the gunfire.  “Click, click, click.”

Okay, okay, I know that is how “I: feel as I play.  Maybe I am the only one who has figured this out – so that makes me a weirdo.

eBashLogoBUT, I encourage bloggers of all ages and backgrounds to link to the game, play it as fast as you can with the sound up, and then leave a comment and tell me what it was like.

Then, head to the eBash Evansville Facebook page!




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