I really want this Sound Enhancing Amplifier from HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER.

AmpIt is only a 20 watt per channel amplifier, and speakers are not included, but man, is this thing beautiful!

Now then, I realize that my 68 year-old eyes look at this differently than a modern technophile, but HAMMACHER does emphasize the thing as a “hybrid vacuum tube amplifier that pairs with any Bluetooth music device to provide superior audio performance.”

The ad is music to my ears – “Vacuum tube amplifiers are known to generate warmer, more dynamic tones than transistor-based models because they limit distortion when overloaded, providing better signal-to-noise ratio.”

Fortunately for old geezers like me, it has a three-way input, including jacks for a CD player or turntable.  Oh, a turntable is one of those antique things that plays records – er, ah, well, the amp IS aimed at Bluetooth!

If you love tubes, you’ll want this amp as much as I do.

Only question – if one of the 6N3 tubes goes wonky, how much is a replacement?  Does Radio Shack carry it?  Etc.

I can’t afford the price – $1800 – but I still want it.




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