CodeRedOne of our sons was intimately involved in the rescue of the Obamacare web site, so we are scrambling to pick up issues of the latest TIME magazine .

The cover story is: CODE RED: “How an unlikely group of high-tech wizards revived Obama’s troubled HealthCare.gov website”

“Obama’s Trauma Team: Inside the Nightmare Launch of HealthCare.Gov”

The article itself is very long – 14 pages on-line, but well worth the time to read it.  If I understand the web site correctly, a book is forthcoming.

While our son is not mentioned by name, he might show up in the extended version.

Of course, being deep inside the “War Room,” our son has a more intimate recollection of how things were pulled together.  How people got down and dirty – no sleep, no fresh clothes, and lots of junk food.  As our son told an aide, “You’re going to kill us (with all this pizza).”

Our son’s recollections will make a fascinating read.  It has been exhilarating to talk to him and get more details than are told in the article.  As he was pulled far away from his family for extended periods – including holidays – it was not only tough on him, but also upon his wife and two children.  As our son explains, “The physical toll that this event has taken on so many of us is hard to imagine. My crew got on site on October 27th. But many of the team had been there for longer than us.  And when many of the team rolled off in January after the first “surge”, a lot of us have stuck on the project as we prepare for the March 31st deadline.  It’s gotten to the point where it’s difficult to load test late at night.  Guys keep falling asleep at their keyboards and even a cell phone call won’t wake them up.  I gave my team the weekend off.  Hopefully they’ll be fresh for next week’s 18 hour days.”

Other team members went through similar sacrifices. Hopefully, a book will reveal the more intimate parts of the story.

Obviously, the sweating and the time away from each expert’s home paid off.

As a father, I am proud beyond belief.




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