Ambien and I are years-long friends.  Only problem, I only get about four hours sleep per pill.

However, a couple of nights ago, I slept so soundly during those four hours, I got a horrible kink in my neck(see next blog entry).

Tonight, ABC News had this story about the Sleep Whisperer.

Sleep Whisperers are “an exploding community on the internet known as autonomous sensory meridian responders, or ASMR. They tap, brush, pour and mostly whisper, all to lull people to sleep. Makes really nice sounds.”

IlseIlse Blansert is one such whisperer who has ” generated nearly 16 million (Internet) clicks. And hers are among the thousands of ASMR options. . . .  that’s with no pills, no side effects, no danger of addiction. It is quite believable to me that somebody says, this works better than a sleeping pill.”

My biggest question – if I am watching my laptop in bed, and this thing works, won’t my laptop slip on to the floor?  At best, it will stay on all night.  If I am in a chair, my desktop will also stay on all night.

I guess if I get a good nights sleep, that doesn’t matter.

Google Ilse Blansert and/or Sleep Whisperers for a ton of videos.







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