FreeMobilityIt has been impossible to convince anyone that I have seen two HP laptops that INCLUDE their own Internet Service Provider.

That means, you open the box, turn on the computer, start up the Wi-Fi, and you are connected to the Internet.

So, I have looked it up – sure enough, it’s true.  Look for the HP Envy, Slate, Chrome, and EliePad versions with FREE MOBILITY.

Those machines that include the service should have an ad on the display, or on the outside of the box.  “Free 4G. Enjoy 200MB of free data each month, no annual contract, for the life of your device. No more coffee shop hopping for free Wi-Fi.”

My thinking is, 200MB isn’t a great deal of download, but if you go to the website, the emphasis is not on watching movies, it is on checking your email and Facebook pages.  Like, when you need a quick hook-up on the go.

You can buy more monthly data download, but I haven’t figured out how much that is.

Anyone tried this?  Anyone know the rate for the extra stream?

Comments encouraged.





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