FoamPresident Obama needs to sign an Executive Order stating that every adult bed in America must have a memory foam mattress.  At least four inches thick.

I had seen foam layers in an Army surplus store years ago, and thought it would make a great bed.  Then the commercial makers had the same idea, and the cost went up into the hundreds of dollars.  So I never bought one.

UNTIL – my daughter said she had one and that she bought it all curled up in a box at – drum roll, please – WALMART!

Mine is a dual layer, full size, four-inch foam topper, with a fantastic cover.  For only $109!!!

You have to stretch the thing out on a flat surface and let it recover for 24 hours or so before putting it on your bed.  I then put it on top of my cushion-top mattress, but that was too soft.  I turned my cushion-top upside down, so the memory foam was on a hard surface, and I have been in luxury ever since!

The term “memory foam” means that after you cave it in during the night, it springs right back into perfect shape within seconds of you leaving.  Perfect on night one – perfect on night 1001.

straps2The cover went over my old mattress and the new topper, with fabric to spare.  After a time, I learned I needed to tip everything upside down and use four of those bed sheet strap holders.  This tightens everything up nicely, and prevents the topper from curling up at the corners.

Now this is a serious problem – I hate getting off of the thing!  It is so comfortable I could lay on it for way more than eight hours a day!

So, if everyone in the United States of America slept on these things – we would have peace and love over night!

Try it!



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