Some years back, before I became an empty nester. part of Monday night was reserved for wrasslin – you know, professional wrestling.

Some of the boys and I would roll around the floor, or fly through the air “beating the crap” out of each other.  I always made spaghetti.

My youngest boy would complain, “Why can’t I be as big as you.  I want to be tall!”

Well, he surely got his wish!  Today, he LOOKS like a wrassler!  He is HUGE!  He worked out with a Bio-Flex, then when into heavy construction.   I swear, his upper arms are bigger than my thighs!

DDP2One of my favorite wrestlers was Diamond Dallas Page.  He became champ three times (which means he lost twice), and I loved his stomping the mat while making his finger picture.

A couple of days ago, I learned DDP  had broken his back during all that stunt work, but recovered using – of all things – YOGA!

Whoa!  I watched him stretch during a SHARK TANK episode, and he was impressive.  Then he brought out a guy who had been in miserable shape, and HE was now able to stretch!  The videos are amazing.(watch “Arthur.”)

We have a yoga instructor in the family, and all of us are relatively fit – several of us run.  I play basketball or walk 2-3 miles per day.  We try to be healthy.

These recovery stories of people changing their lives with yoga are incredible.  Whether you believe or not, just take a look at DDP-YOGA.



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