Modern motorcycle gangs are more famous for helping than for riots.

I’ve heard of a few such gangs, but the one in the news lately is “Bikers Urban Response Needed.”

When teens are in trouble, the bikers offer their unique skills to help find them.

Our local paper featured the following editorial:

BURN“The Standard-Examiner has launched the Young & Homeless campaign, a community-wide effort to help youth who are homeless.  An ally in the cause of helping children are motorcycle buffs who call themselves “Bikers Urban Response Needed,” or BURN. There are 50 members across Utah. Their goal is to use the network of motorcycle enthusiasts to help in the search for missing children.

“BURN is a national organization, with members in all 50 states. Utah “burners” hope to grow in numbers, and get motorcycle reps in every Utah county. We add our voice to that call that those in the biking culture become “burners” and assist in saving and bettering young lives in peril.

“Bikers have an advantage that many do not have in helping to find missing youths. They have a non-authority persona, distinct from personalities that youths in peril may have fled from. They can talk to these children, as well as converse with more ease with persons who may have pertinent information. The “burners” may have the ability to get information to law enforcement than the parents cannot get. The “burners” are well-positioned to act as go-betweens in compiling information.”

“If you come across the “burners,” help if you can. Become one if you have the time. Saving youths from the perils of the streets is among the most noble of causes.”






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