We have had scads of “guy-guys” for our five boys over the years.

Star Wars dominated, but one action figure stands out in my mind – an original G.I. JOE.

My brain was warped today, when I found out the Joes are FIFTY YEARS OLD!

I did the math – the first Joe hit the shelves in 1964!!

I think that first JoeGIJoe is on the far left in this photo – my mind wants to make him our first Joe.

Here are some notes from the ASSOCIATED PRESS:  “The birthday of what’s called the world’s first action figure is being celebrated this month by collectors, . . . . .Since Hasbro brought it to the world’s attention at the annual toy fair in New York City in early 1964, G.I. Joe has undergone many changes, some the result of shifts in public sentiment for military-themed toys, others dictated by the marketplace.  Still, whether it’s the original “movable fighting man” decked out in the uniforms of the four branches of the U.S. military, or today’s scaled-down products, G.I. Joe remains a popular brand.

“Don Levine, then the company’s head of research and development, . . .  is often referred to as the “father” of G.I. Joe for shepherding the toy through design and development. Levine and his team came up with an 11½-inch articulated figure with 21 moving parts, and since the company’s employees included many military veterans, it was decided to outfit the toy in the uniforms of the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force, with such accessories as guns, helmets and vehicles.”

“G.I. Joe hit the shelves in time for the 1964 Christmas shopping season and soon became a big seller at $4 apiece.”

G.I.JOE is there!



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