FarlaMonsterA neighbor’s computer was a mess.  Even though Norton was keeping out the viruses and Trojans, it was not designed to keep out adware and malware.

There were so many ads infecting her computer, they were fighting each other for attention.  Obviously, my neighbor couldn’t get anything done.

On Friday, I tried a few things, but got nowhere.  Then, over night, I remembered MALWAREBYTES.  I had not installed that most terrific of programs that lives up to its name – it bites malware in the – where it hurts.

Saturday, I went back with the sole purpose of installing MALWAREBYTES.

The demons in my neigbor’s possessed computer were yelling, “No you don’t!”

MalwarebytesIt was as if these unwanted programs KNEW what I was trying to do, and they were literally doing everything in their power to prevent me.  I kid you not.

I told my neighbor, “These vicious programs are like dandelions.  You can cut off the head, but the roots remain, to pop-up somewhere else.”

The screen was full of pop-ups.  The cursor floated.  The links page I had Googled floated.  I could not get the cursor to settle down and click the link to MALWAREBYTES at CNET (the best place to download a program.)

In desperation, I clicked the only link I could access, and downloaded SOMETHING – anything!

Of course,that additional program was just a pain in the neck, so I had to adjust my glasses and go back to the floating links page. I memorized where the CNET link was, and when it just barely peeped out its head at the bottom of the screen, I clicked the link.  OH, what a relief it was when MALWAREBYTES started downloading!!!  I was elated.

After the program installed, I fired it up.  Over FIVE HUNDRED malicious pieces of malware were in that computer!

I had to highlight each unwanted piece of junk, but 500 was going to be a pain.  I thought I could get rid of 100 at a time.  No luck.  It was all or none, so I had to re-start the computer. and re-run the program.

This time, I clicked the cursor 500 times, then pushed REMOVE.

The exorcism was complete.



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