cowsButter is now better than non-butter, according to a new survey.

The survey says, “Americans’ consumption of butter has hit a 40-year high, according to an organization known as the American Butter Institute (ABI), a 106-year-old organization that lobbies on behalf of 90 percent of the country’s butter producers.  In 2012, per capita consumption reached 5.6 pounds, up a whole pound and a half from just 15 years earlier in 1997, according to ABI.”

Dare I say it – the answer is obvious – “butter’s increased popularity is likely linked to recent shift away from foods  containing trans fats, of which butter’s main competitor margarine contains a  lot.”

I don’t know if that is great grammar, but it makes a great point.

Vegans in my family will hold judgement – they don’t eat butter either.  Or any dairy.  Or honey.

The dancing cows?  Link to the article to see an entire scenario made completely of butter!  1,000 pounds of butter!





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