nutHunh?  What’s an adaptogen?

Is that a new computer plug – lets me plug in all my devices in to one adaptor plug?

Not exactly.

“Ginseng and other adaptogenic herbs share rare and coveted traits — they mitigate the negative impact of stress by strengthening and stabilizing your body,” writes Catherine Guthrie.

“Adaptogenic herbs — such as ginseng, rhodiola, ashwagandha, and eleuthero — have been used for thousands of years in ancient healing practices.”

“The body has a master switch that responds to things like stress, radiation, and tobacco smoke, . . . . . That single switch controls more than 500 genes responsible for inflammation. Adaptogens ensure that the switch turns off and stays off. In doing so, they help snuff out inflammation.”

“An herb is adaptogenic if it meets three criteria: First, it’s nontoxic, meaning it’s safe for everyone. Second, its benefits are nonspecific, meaning it improves the entire body’s resistance to stress, not just one particular system or organ. Third, it balances bodily functions, regardless of where the disruption may originate.”





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