BlueMondayI would have stayed in bed Monday (January 6), but I had made an earlier appointment to help a guy at 10 AM.

It was a very lousy day for me.

It did not get better.

I won’t make a list of all the things that went wrong, or all the problems I can’t seem to solve, as that would just turn anybody off.  We all have our problems.

“We all have our problems.”  EXACTLY.  Late in the day, I discovered “they” were calling it “Blue Monday.”

Everybody was sad.

Bills came due.  Back to work.  Worst weather day across the nation in 20 years.  January is the busiest divorce month of the year.  ad infinitum

BLUE MONDAY..  Well, it surely fit me perfectly.  But I was feeling like crap BEFORE I heard the news.

Make way for “Brown Tuesday” since I still feel like . . . . . .

staying in bed.




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