Sometimes I am amazed that the rich and famous get sick – just like the rest of us.  Sometimes, they even die.

Shouldn’t their money save them?  Guess not.

In my last post, I talked about my 25th kidney stone.  Now, it seems like I am not alone.  One of the richest and most famous had a kidney stone as well – Jeff Bezos.

BezosCNN January 4, 2014 –  “Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos was flown off the Galapagos Islands on an Ecuadorian navy helicopter, authorities there said, an evacuation that happened after the entrepreneur was struck by kidney stones. . .  A Galapagos-based navy unit said in a press release that Bezos developed renal colic while he was on a tourist cruise near Santa Cruz Island,

“Renal colic is marked by severe pain associated with kidney stones. According to a National Institutes of Health website, kidney stones can pass naturally — with those suffering with them encouraged to consume lots of fluids and sometimes taking pain medication to help move the obstructions along.

“In more severe cases (with particularly big stones,) people can be treated with procedures like shock wave lithotripsy, ureteroscopy (a long tubelike instrument that’s inserted through a person’s urethra to break stones with lasers) and percutaneous nephrolithotomy (a thin instrument is inserted through a person’s back directly into the kidney).”

Sorry about that, Jeff.




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