Stone28Dec13I’ve passed over 25 kidney stones since 1991.  I’ve had three operations for the painful little monsters.

I hesitated to share this with you, but hey, I went through a lot of work to create, and then get rid of this precious little stone, so here it is – #25!!

Seriously, I have looked over a few of these gems, and  that is often what they look like – gems!  Like geodes, or quartz.  They are really chunks of calcium oxalate.

Early in the morning of the day this little one entered the light of day – December 24, 2013 – this HUGE gray glob exited!  The image below doesn’t begin to capture the mess, but I hope I have the size about right.

kidneyglob2It did not hurt.  It came out in one piece, and I started stabbing it to see if maybe it was a bunch of mucous wrapped around a kidney stone – you know, in an effort to protect me.

I’ve never see anything like it in all the years I have been creating my little crystals.

The nurse tried to dismiss it as “some tissue,” but I haven’t gotten the final word from my doctor yet.

No, it is not what you are thinking.  If you are thinking what I think you’re thinking.

I’ll let you know.




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