I am trying to get an advantage out of ALL those dang commercials on TV these days. I am convinced we get less programming and more commercials, but that is beside the point.

For years, I used to walk around my neighborhood for an hour or more most days a week. Then I moved away for about a year.  I didn’t like walking around my new neighborhood, but I was lucky enough to find an indoor basketball court about five miles away.  I could play just about any time I want to.

Then I moved back to my original city.

The smog was worse than when I left, so I joined a gym instead of walking out doors.

For a time, I gave up my gym membership for personal reasons.  Then the smog got even worse, so yesterday, I went back to the gym

tv-workoutMeanwhile, under my own power, I started walking in circles around my apartment during those never-ending commercial breaks.  No exercise routines, just walking.

It seems I had a good idea.  The GREATIST web site agrees.  “It turns out commercial breaks can vary in length and frequency depending on the program, but the average half-hour TV show contains about 8 minutes of advertisements, divided into two or three breaks. So we’ve got three bodyweight circuits for you: Perform each exercise for 45 seconds and move straight on to the next exercise without resting. Alternatively, each exercise can be performed for the length of one commercial (restart the circuit if there are more than three). Try it out — pretty soon, you’ll start looking forward to the ads!”






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