Sometime in the spring, I tore out my biceps on the weight machines at Planet Fitness.  Just pulled the levers too far behind my back.  Both arms were injured, but the left one was hurt the most.

I had a steroid shot in the biceps a few months ago, and then another one earlier this month.  While I was in the nurse’s office, I had “trigger point” shots in my aching back.  I have been unable to stretch for months – probabllly a basketball injury.

The shot in the arm doubled the pain – from a 10 to a 20.  The back shots didn’t help one bit.

To make a long story short – I am suffering intense pain.

depressI’ve been spending a lot of time in bed.  Many have told me I need to get up and exercise, but if I lie still, the inflammations calm down somewhat.

Oh, I DO get up.  I DO try to go on walks.  But it is an intense mental struggle.  I am flat-out depressed.

I see that I am not the only one.

EXPERIENCE LIFE for December relates “depression can impede the positive anti-inflammatory effects.”

A researcher told the magazine, “We’re beginning to understand that there are a number of biological mechanisms that are disregulated when depression takes effect. And one of these characteristics contributes to inflammation.”

And here is the kicker: ” The men and women who exercised had . . . . . less inflammation. . . .unless they were depressed.”

For me, it is a vicous cycle.  Injury equals depression.  Depression equals less exercise.  Less exercise equals continued inflammation.

As the researcher puts it, ” “It may take a longer period of time for inflammation to be reduced in people who are depressed,”

Now, if I can just put in to practive the conclusion at the end of the article: ” Remember, as you exercise, your depression is going to get better and, eventually, so is your biology.”





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