I don’t have any apps, because I don’t have a smart phone.

I don’t have a smart phone because I am not smart enought to use it.

Even my “cheap phone” has a GPS, which I turned OFF.

I don’t have any “club cards,” nor do I have a smart phone because I don’t want retailers and “others’ knowing everything about me, including when I need toiletpaper.  Think I am joking – read on.

shoppingPrices Now Pegged to Your Buying History at Some Markets – FOXNEWS, Dec. 2, 2013

“As more supermarkets experiment with “personalized pricing,” the more likely it becomes that you and the shopper standing next to you will pay two different amounts for the same quart of milk. Same store, same milk, different prices.” (emphasis mine)

” . . . more sophisticated personal pricing programs can keep track of where you are in the store, using your smart phone’s GPS feature. If you’re in the oral hygene aisle, for example, the system knows that, and may give you cents off on mouthwash.”

“John Caron, vice president of Catalina Marketing, tells ABC News that “personalization” has become the holy grail of retailing. Reason: merchants regard it as the key to winning a customer’s loyalty and preventing him or her from taking their dollars elsewhere.”

Sound okay to you?  Then try this:

“The payoff for stores, Caron says, can be dramatic: ‘We surveyed shoppers. The ones using mobile apps shop 41 percent more often, and their basket size is 43 percent bigger.'”

Complete article




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