It (is) best not to swap horses when crossing streams’ Abraham Lincoln, 1864

You don’t change horses in the middle of the stream” – Herbert C. Holdridge, 1944

StateFarmEver since 1968, I’ve been a loyal customer of State Farm Insurance for my cars.  There was a brief interlude with another company for a year or two, but mostly I’ve been loyal.  Give or take those two years. that totals close to 45 years.

Quite a few years ago, State Farm sent me a single sheet of paper congratulating me for 25 years of loyalty.  Just a sheet of paper.  No free meal.  No flowers.  No reduction in rates.

Lately, I’ve been hounded by this and that advisor telling the public to examine various policies once a year and to shop around.

To top it off, insistent ads for USAA tease me with the idea that veterans can save money by switching.

So, around the middle of August, I gave in.  I called USAA.

But my conversation came to a screeching halt when the representative asked for my Social Security number.  Whoa!  Hadn’t he heard of the NSA, and hackers, and data thieves?  I politely ended the call.

usaaBut I have been haunted by the thought that just maybe USAA could save me some cash.  On November 8, I took the plunge and joined on-line.

My monthly premium has gone down from $76.41 per month, to $52.45.  I expect some handling fee or another to be added, but for now, let’s round it off to a savings of roughly $24 per month.  That’s $288 per year. $2880 in ten years.

For $2880, I could buy the largest flat screen available, or darn close to the biggest.

If I had switched policies.

But I didn’t.

So I can’t.




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