socksAs I was wandering through Wally World about two years ago, I accidentally saw a box full of men’s boot socks on close-out.

They were two pair for a dollar. 

“That can’t be right,” I said to myself as I pulled out a bundle of two pairs banded together.  “That’s only fifty cents per pair.”

The socks looked very sturdy, and I was tempted to buy all that was left – maybe 24 bundles.

But I only bought eight bundles – 16 pair.

FADED GLORY – MEN’S BOOT SOCKS – SHOE SIZE 6-12.  Distributed by WalMart Stores, Inc.

I bought as many matching pairs as I could – easier to match pairs after washing clothes. I figured that if I liked them, I could always come back for more.

I LOVE them.

But I could not find a single pair a week later.  Or a year later.  Or two years later.

“Does the word ‘Close-out’ ring a bell!”

I opened four bundles – eight pair – and saved the rest.  I figured I would replace worn out socks with new ones.


Now comes the hard part.

Why did WalMart stop selling these wonderful, terrific, fantastic socks!


If my socks last forever, I don’t need to buy more.

That equals lost sales.

Today, I am going to try e-Bay because I want to hand these out for Christmas presents.

I’ll bet some other person – much more clever than I – saw the possibilities and bought cases of these socks at fifty cents a pair.  He/she had eBay in mind.

Okay e-Bay – here I come.



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