sportsPLUS FOUR:  Frank Gifford, How-ard Co-sell, and “Dandy” Don Meredith.  Mon-day Night Football.  A-B-C!  What more could a man want!

MINUS FOUR: Monday Night Football fell off our local stations into ESPN and only those people with cable could watch.  That did not include me.

PLUS 14:  Once upon a time, Larry Miller owned most of the car dealerships in Utah.  He looked over the south, and found the New Orleans Jazz basketball team of the National Basketball Association would be willing to move to Utah.  Miller found a nice arena to play in, and even built a TV station so the Jazz games would be seen over-the-air on KJZZ-14.

MINUS 14: Someone(?) convinced the Miller family to take the Jazz games OFF KJZZ, and drop down to some cable station or another.  I don’t have cable – or dish.  I can’t see the games.  Where I grew to CARE about Karl Malone and John Stockton while watching on KJZZ, right now, I can not tell you the name of ONE Jazz player.

PLUS 30: Utah is very fortunate to have its own professional soccer team – Real Salt Lake (pronounced “Re-al”.)  Some of the games showed up over-the-air on CW-30, or on digital channel 4-point-3.  Very nice.  My favorite player is the goalie, Nick Romando!

MINUS 30: Now that Real is in the playoffs?  Can’t find them on TV.  Maybe they are on ESPN, or ESPN2, or Root, or Fox1, or the Golf Channel.  Who the hell knows!

MINUS 40: Last night, the Green Bay Packers played Chicago.  Was the game on my local ABC affiliate?  No.  It was on ESPN (where else).  Do I get ESPN?  No.  Did any radio station in my area bless me with a broadcast?  No.  I DID get bits and pieces through the static while trying to pick up a radio station in . . . . .  Calgary, Alberta, Canada!!!  Apparently, they are real NFL fanatics up there.  Down here?  Not so much.  (Who won that game, by the way?)

Now I see that NBC is going to mix up its Olympic coverage among several NBC step children, like CNBC, MMSNBC, and USA.  Sorry, I’ll miss that coverage.

By now you are probably saying, “Hey Gramps!  GET A DISh!!”  Sorry, I can’t afford such a thing.  Or cable.  Have you looked at those bills AFTER the introductory offers run out!

My question is “WHY?”  Why has 90 percent of sports fallen into cable or dish TV  How do we “follow the money” on this thing?  I have no idea.

It doesn’t add up.

TOTAL: Minus 40.


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