FIT FOR LIFE was published in 1985 and became my food Bible soon after.  As with the more famous Bible, I don’t always follow the “commandments” suggested by authors Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have faith in them.

Critics popped up saying the Diamond theories weren’t substantiated, but the authors did due diligence with their research.  Their bibliography stretches for ten pages (paperback) and they pepper their logic with many examples throughout.

DIAMONDS: “The importance of proper food combining has been proved as a result of intense research time and time again over the last eighty- five years. In fact, one of the first people who studied this subject is probably familiar to you. Does the name Ivan Pavlov ring a bell? In addition to his experiments on conditioned reflexes, Pavlov also did a great deal of study of proper food combining, and in 1902 he published a book entitled The Work of the Digestive Glands, wherein he revealed the basic fundamentals of proper food combining.”

IndigestionSo, it was with great joy when I found a November 2013 article with many of the same tenants as FIT FOR LIFE.  The article is “Questionable combos” by Karen Olson of Minneapolis in the magazine EXPERIENCE LIFE.

OLSON: “While food combining is recommended by many healthcare practitioners for a range of issues, it doesn’t have buy-in from everyone. Even proponents of food combining agree that it is not a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Everyone’s digestive system is different.”

DIAMONDS: “Guess what function of the human body demands more energy than any other function? The digestion of food! Food combining is based on the discovery that certain combinations of food may be digested with greater ease and efficiency than others.” OLSON: “Some foods take a long time to digest. Others move through the body relatively quickly. (On average, fruits take 30 to 60 minutes to digest; vegetables, grains, and beans take one to two hours; cooked meat and fish take at least three to four hours; and shellfish takes four to eight hours.)”

OLSON: “If food rots in the stomach or intestines instead of being efficiently digested, we don’t absorb all of its nutrients.”  DIAMONDS: “The body cannot eliminate toxic waste without your cooperation. The way we must assist the body is to supply it with readily available energy on a steady basis.”

DIAMONDS: “Proper food combining merely states that because the human stomach is not capable of digesting more than one of these concentrated foods at a time, you should not eat more than one concentrated food at a time. It’s just that simple.”  OLSON: “For example, say you eat a meal that includes shrimp and pineapple. Because the pineapple is combined with the slowly digesting shrimp, it sits in the stomach hours longer than it would on its own. As a result, the sugars in the sweet fruit ferment, which leads to bloating and gas.”

DIAMONDS: “Because there’s all this putrefaction, fermentation, and resulting acid, what actually is in the stomach is a mass of spoiled, rotting, foul smelling food.” OLSON: ” If food rots in the stomach or intestines instead of being efficiently digested, we don’t absorb all of its nutrients.”


OLSON: “Strawberries on your salad, Mango salsa on fish, Meat and potatoes, Chicken and pasta, Olives with bread, Tuna with mayonnaise, Meat fried in vegetable oil, Water during your meal, Juice with your meal, Tea right after your meal, Bacon and eggs, Nuts and yogurt, Surf and turf.”

DIAMONDS: “meat and potatoes together, Fish and rice, Chicken and noodles, Eggs and toast, Cheese and bread, Cereal and milk”

I encourage you to find a copy of FIT FOR LIFE in your used book store (excerpt).  Meanwhile, here is a link to Olson’s article from EXPERIENCE LIFE.

Olson also provides a link to Tara Adler’s Food Combining Chart which may help.


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