Since March of 1991, I’ve had over two dozen kidney stones either removed by force, or passed by nature.

Naturally, I am used to back pain.

The last few months, my back pain has been acute, and I have been convinced it is due to the six or more stones seen on CT scans.

I’ve been to three doctors, almost begging for an operation – none would cooperate because “the stones are not obstructing.”  I need to pass MORE blood, and be in MORE pain.

OldLaughSo, anyway, last Thursday (24th) I had a nurse take a urine sample to see what was going on.

Monday (28th), I passed a kidney stone.

Tuesday (29th) the nurse called back to tell me the sample was “All clear!  No kidney stones!”

Now that’s funny!

The good news is – and I mean this with all my heart – the good news is, now I can concentrate on pulled back muscles instead of a kidney stone attack.

I play a lot of basketball, and it looks like I have “only” pulled some muscles.  Only problem is, I continue to aggravate the same muscle pull because I keep playing ball.

Now I know.


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