cryOur local newspaper admits it cannot keep up with world events.

It barely even tries.

Oh, sometimes when the local news is skimpy, it will jam in a national or international event, but that is the exception.

Lately, I’ve noticed the news isn’t so good.  It is enough to make a grown man cry.

For example, these are todays headlines from Section A – in order

BANNER – Teacher arrested for sex crime.

Front page – Apartment quarantined for meth contamination.  Police report of disorderly conduct.  Board members concerned over travel expenses.

Page two – Argument over pair of gloves leads to stabbing arrest.  Father of NFL player killed.  (Commuter train) needs more (study), Man sentenced to concurrent prison terms.  New witness in murder case.

Page three – Man sought in assault of  woman.  Ally spying called necessary/routine.  Polio outbreak in Syria.

Page four – Mistress moved in days after wife died.  Man accused of sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl.  Police arrest 53 (in car auto theft ring). Boy Scout alliance with church hits 100 years.

Page five – weather, ads.

Page six – obituaries.

Page seven – obituaries.  Front page stories continued.

Page eight – editorials

Page nine – Health policy cancellation notices a potential debacle for administration.    Block rezoned commercial. Coal company loss less than expected ($128 million).

Page ten – ad.



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