pondWhat would it be like to get some peace and quiet?

I mean, REAL peace and quiet.

As in, head for a retreat where SILENCE is the rule.

Jon Spayde spent three days at a silent retreat at Lake Elmo, Minnesota.

It wasn’t total silence like at a monastery where one takes a vow, but Spayde told EXPERIENCE LIFE, “. . . while the silence didn’t leave me in a state of bliss, it left me changed and motivated to keep changing. It moved my heart.”

He looked into other retreats and found “There are as many formats as there are programs and centers, and daily routines range from structured group experiences with strict rules to hermitage stays where you’re on your own, both physically and philosophically. Many popular retreat centers are in beautiful natural settings, like the rugged Big Sur coastline that cradles the Esalen Institute or the austere desert surroundings of Arizona’s Sedona Mago Retreat center. A silent retreat might also take place in an urban university building or church.

“Rules about what counts as silence also vary. Some retreats have policies banning all electronic devices (occasionally, even books), while others limit no-talking rules to certain parts of a building or campus. Some places, like Demontreville, facilitate discussions and communal prayers. Participants sometimes take part in organized meditation.

“All silent retreatants have one thing in common: the shared goal of living life without words, if only for a while.”

Coming out of the silence can be a little unnerving.  Spayde concluded ” . . . . having spent time in silence helped me realize that this wound-up state wasn’t my only option.”



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