I have friends living in Japan, so last night’s COAST TO COAST AM program was quite sobering:

fukushima“. . . . activist and author,  Helen Caldicott, talked about the devastating nature of the Fukushima disaster as well as the dangers of nuclear power in general. “This is the worst industrial accident ever to occur, but it’s not over,” she cautioned. Caldicot explained that two of the Fukushima power plants are crumbling and, should another earthquake strike the area, one building could collapse and release massive amounts of radiation into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, at the other building, over 250 tons of highly radioactive uranium sits 100 feet above the ground in a cooling pool, which could come crashing to the ground, causing massive fires and releasing irradiated water into the Pacific Ocean.

 Aside from the potential danger, Caldicott said, 400 tons of radioactive water is currently being emitted into the ocean every day as thousands of additional tons have being collected in faulty tanks which are both faulty and susceptible to future earthquakes. She stressed that the unprecedented complexity of the disaster, as well as political and economic interests, have resulted in an inadequate response to both solving the crisis and raising awareness over the dangers still posed by it. She accused the Japanese government of “cutting corners” in an effort to save money in the disaster clean up and also blamed national pride for the lack of requests for international assistance. “This is a global, ongoing public health catastrophe and no one’s attending to it,” she lamented.


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