I’m on the verge on declaring Independence Day.

As a 68-year-old grandfather of nine, I’ve accumulated more than my share of medical discomforts.

I’d sound like a grumpy grandpa if I listed them, but let’s just say, I hurt.

Now then, over the years, various doctors have given me various “recipes” for avoiding more complications.

Additionally, I would like to be a vegetarian, just to save the animals if nothing else.

dessertHOWEVER, I am coming to a point when I want to declare independence from all the regulations – medically and self-imposed – and just eat and do what ever the hell I please!

Peanut butter?  On ice cream.

Another piece of pie? With ice cream.

Another football game?  Sure, bring on the Packers.

One of these days.


2 thoughts on “What day?

  1. Not to sound like I’m lecturing, but what do you want to be independent of? Some restrictions? Or from taking insulin shots? Some guidelines of healthy eating? Or from medications?


  2. It is interesting to see that sometimes you’re never to old to change your eating habits. If you want to try vegetarian, I say go for it! It was the most satisfying change for me. But I could never see my father (let alone my grandfather) giving up something he grew up.


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