The Queen Visits The United Nations In New YorkSo far, the NSA has been given “200 phone numbers, which led to the monitoring of 35 world leaders.”  That includes close allies like Germany and France, which are very upset.

The other nations are probably just as ticked off, but they don’t generate as many headlines as Germany’s Angela Merkel.

Under the banner Foreign Policy, THE CABLE contines, “The German and Brazilian delegations to the U.N. have opened talks with diplomats from 19 more countries to draft a General Resolution promoting the right of privacy on the Internet. Close American allies like France and Mexico — as well as rivals like Cuba and Venezuela — are all part of the effort.”

The resolution “requests that the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights report to the U.N. General Assembly twice in the next two years on “human rights and indiscriminate surveillance” with “views and recommendations” aimed at “identifying and clarifying principles, standards and best practices on the implications for human rights of indiscriminate surveillance.””

Who knows if this outcry will stop the NSA, or just force it to lay low while it finds a different “back door” to world leaders?

I’m betting on the back door.


One thought on “Head count 35 – so far

  1. I have very mixed opinions on Snowden.

    He is a hero for exposing the treasonous actions of the NSA and a large number of our elected officials. I don’t care what excuses they peddle. Spying on US citizens without a specific named warrant issued by a judge for a specific purpose is a clear and deliberate violation of the 4th Amendment. PERIOD. END OF SUBJECT.

    On the other hand, he has revealed numerous secret activities carried out against foreign nationals and governments. For this he is a traitor. PERIOD. END OF SUBJECT.

    In some cases it was no surprise to the targets. Those who claim to be surprised are either liars or fools. ALL GOVERNMENTS SPY. ON EVERYONE THEY CAN DO IT TO. Those who claim otherwise are either liars or fools.

    Snowden is a traitor, not because he told us what we already know, but because he revealed specific targets and means. He told the specific targets when, where and how, which will make it harder for the US to gather intel.

    For this, Snowden should be put against the wall. The firing squad can use the Medal of Freedom as the target.


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