I’m not so sure the American economy is going to stay afloat much longer.  It is being held up – artificially – by Quantitative Easing, wherein the Federal Reserve pumps $85 billion per month into Wall Street.  Only problem is, that is “Air Cash.”  It doesn’t exist.  UNTIL it is time for our children and grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren to pay it back.

Wars add a totally different side to the equation.

dorrknobAt any rate, it isn’t hard to see anything but doom and gloom.

HOWEVER, if you need an occasional lift, I have one of the oddest ways to create your own “stress ball.”

If your daily paper comes wrapped in a rubber band, put the rubber band on a doorknob.  (If you don’t get a daily rubber band, buy 100 or so at your dollar store.)

Now, whenever you need to bind something together, or when you need a stress reliever, take off ONE of the rubber bands.

Don’t try anything fancy – simply grab one band, pull it UP, then gently pull it down over the door knob.

While it may LOOK impossible, so far I have ALWAYS been able to take off just ONE rubber band at a time!

From the mess, you would think I would be untangling for hours, but I get ONE rubber band, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the time!!!

Try it!


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