For some stupid reason, I don’t think of things when they are staring me in the face.   Sort of a delayed reaction.  Only problem is, I’ve been known to go for years – or even decades – without making a change.

When I do change, I kick myself – hard – and ask myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

For example, I have had some of the worst back pain of my life.  I called the nurse the other day, and she said, “What about the Lidocaine ointment we sent you?”


I guess I prefer to suffer in silence.

Double DUH, my daughter reminded me to apply an ice pack. Just like she has for years.

Can one man be so stupid!  My mother used to call me a “Late Bloomer.”  I call me D-U-M-B.

The other day, I grabbed what was left of a closet deodorizer, and put it in the bathroom.  What a sweet smell – compared to how it usually smells in there.

foamA gazillion years ago, a local hospital would dole out a FEW eggshell mattress covers – if they were not soiled too badly.

I never got one, but corporate America must have grabbed one, because all these years later, those foam mattress covers and foam beds are all over the place.

Like I said, I saw that first foam cover decades ago,  but it was just a few days ago when I finally bought a foam mattress cover for only thirteen bucks from Wally World.


Imagine that.


2 thoughts on “Why didn’t I think of that?

  1. I don’t think it’s being dumb, I think it’s the “existential crisis.” we feel bad (or dumb) that we aren’t improving our situation, or trying new things. but at the same time, we fear the unknown. we’re afraid that the new thing will actually make things worse. that leads to no change, because whatever you’re doing now is at least known or predictable.


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