Talk show host, Michael Rivero hit two bulleyes on last night’s COAST TO COAST AM broadcast.  Here are the highlights from the Coast website:

Michael-Rivero[1]Regarding the debate over climate change, Rivera argued that the phenomenon is actually a naturally occurring process which is simply being used as a scare tactic to generate money in the form of carbon taxes. He dismissed the concept that human-generated carbon dioxide is the cause of global warming and contended that one volcano releases “more CO2 everyday than all the cars in America.” He also noted that water vapor and methane are far more harmful greenhouse agents, but they are rarely blamed for global warming because they cannot be directly linked to human activity like CO2 production and, thus, cannot be wielded to tax the population. Ultimately, Rivera pointed to the hypocrisy of the government pushing for a carbon tax while simultaneously ignoring the dangerous environmental effects of fracking.


Rivera observed a similar double standard at work with the current health care debate in America. He posited that if the government was truly concerned with the health of Americans, then they would do more to combat medical malpractice as well as toxic food additives and the GMO industry. On the contrary, Rivera suggested that the new health care law is aimed at reaping additional tax dollars in a desperate attempt to prevent the collapse of our economy. This looming financial disaster, he said, is the “most pressing issue” on the horizon which could erupt anywhere from tomorrow to 2016. “Basically, the whole mess is just strung together tight with all these crisscrossing agendas,” he said of the tenuous global economy, “and we’re just waiting for that first wire to snap that will cause it all to fall apart.”


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