HAWAII SEED ORG says, “Hawai‘i is the genetic engineering experimental capital of the world. Thousands of acres of our arable Agricultural Lands are currently being used to test GMO seed crops that do not produce food for our people.”

How scary!

Hawaii2At least one county in Hawaii has the right idea.  It passed a bill putting heavy restrictions on farmers using Genetically Modified crops.

According to HAWAII NEWS NOW: “Kaua’i County councilmembers voted to approve a controversial GMO disclosure bill. . . . .  Bill 2491 passed in a 6-1 vote.”

Supporters “lined up around 3 p.m. Tuesday to participate in the discussion.”

“Bill 2491 will require farms to disclose pesticides use and the presence of genetically modified crops if they use more than five pound of 15 gallons of restricted-use pesticides annually.  The bill also requires a 500 foot buffer zone near medical facilities, schools and homes – among other locations.”

The bad news is that Mayor Carvalho could veto the legislation.  That would be sad indeed.


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