From what I have heard on talk radio, we really won’t go over any fiscal cliff or go into deficit if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling.  There is plenty of tax money going into the Washington coffers to pay our creditors.  Key programs like Defense, Medicare, and Social Security will not be affected.

In fact, we should NOT even think of raising our debt limit.  The definition of DEBT is “pay back what you owe.”

tearNot to worry – it has been proposed that a one-percent cut across the board in the Federal budget over ten or fifteen years will balance the books.  It will also end all the histrionics.

So, let’s talk about non-essential portions of the US Budget.  During the budget battle, “essential” parts of the SLOW DOWN – not a SHUT DOWN – have kept on humming along.  “Non-essential” offices have been closed.

Here is the key question – if an organization is non-essential during the slow down, isn’t it non-essential the rest of the year?  Seems to me we could save the budget right there, and even have money left over.

I nominate the Infernal Revenue Service to be the first agency deemed non-essential.  Throw tens of thousands of pages of confusing regulations into the recycling bin and save 1,000,000 trees as a bonus.  A simple flat tax will keep the government running smoothly forever.

The Government Accounting Office says we have thousands of unused buildings wasting taxpayer dollars in maintenance.  Let’s save a few billion here and there by eliminating these non-essential buildings.  I’ve heard that paperwork has stalled handing these buildings over to local folks who could use them, but President Obama seems very adept at cutting through red-tape to change his own Obamacare law, so I am convinced he can manipulate whatever needs to be changed to get rid of these albatrosses.

I’m sure you smart people in Washington can come up with a dozen more cost-cutting measures, even if it does mean eliminating a few “bridges to nowhere” in your pork barrels.

Don’t worry about what happens to the displaced Federal workers.  Time and again the government has shown how they can be absorbed, retired, or bought out with a variety of plans, so they will not suffer.

I’ve just solved all of our money problems, but I have one more agency I really want to modify.  We need to abandon that stupid space station and reform the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) into the National Agency for Sea Advancement.  Just think where we would be today if all the trillions of dollars wasted on that stupid space station would have been spent exploring and exploiting our seas.  I mean, the earth IS three-fourths water, so why aren’t we spending SOME money on developing seaweed/plankton into food and bio-fuels?  Think of the minerals just lying there for our discovery, not to mention all the sea-life we could possibly eat in ten life times.

People like Richard Branson are already proving we don’t need Federal dollars in space, so let’s just move back to the sea from whence we came.

Well, there you have it Ted Cruz and Harry Reid.  Now you can go home with smiles on your faces and money in your pockets – er, money in the government till.

Mission accomplished.


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