Let me see if I can remember everything – in order.

backpainI have physical evidence that I passed kidney stones September 29th and 30th.  I lost the evidence, but I’m pretty sure I also passed one September 7th.

Previous x-rays show I have at least six of those critters inside me, so it was natural for me to assume this monster pain in my back is another HUGE stone.

Friday October 11th, I couldn’t decide if I should go to the emergency room, or just to the doctor’s office.  An office visit seemed the best place to start.

The fresh, new doctor would not take an x-ray, saying it would be inconclusive.  Besides, he saw my record showing I had a c-scan in June, and sure enough, I had kidney stones.  He offered me Vycodin for pain, and Flomax to increase the flow.

I was disappointed, as I envisioned an operation to find this beast and destroy it.

Instead, Saturday morning I took one of each and headed to this local church that has a gym attached.  I go there every Saturday at 8 AM to clean the gym so we can play basketball at 9 AM.

faintAbout 8:50 or so, I collapsed.  A lady helping clean couldn’t find a pulse, and was a tad worried.

After I few minutes, I regained my feet, and walked – oh, maybe 50 feet – to the door.  I’ve collapsed before, and I know a good whiff of oxygen is good medicine.

I couldn’t get enough oxygen, however, and collapsed on the steps leading into the gym.  After a few minutes, I agreed to have an ambulance come.

I was feeling well enough to dismiss the ambulance after signing a message board declaring I would accept the consequences.

They, I played full-contact basketball for about an hour.

I can’t remember what I did at home after basketball, but I know I was watching the clock waiting for four hours to pass so I could have another Vycodin.

Dumb guy.

Same pill.  Same result.

This one didn’t wear off until, oh, maybe 10 PM?

My daughter says I was loquacious on the telephone.  That means I talked a lot, trying to describe how much pain I was in.  (You should see the rough draft of this post – unreadable!)

COLUMBUS DAY – still in pain.

I think I have a cold, as well.

No gym today.


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