syn#1. WHAT IF during World War II, Germany used synthetic oil manufacturing (Kohleverflüssigung) to produce substitute oil products by using the “Bergius process?”

#2. WHAT IF the Bergius process plants were Nazi Germany’s primary source of high-grade aviation gasoline, synthetic oil, synthetic rubber, synthetic methanol, synthetic ammonia, and nitric acid?

#3. WHAT IF by early 1944, German synthetic fuel production had reached more than 124,000 barrels per day from 25 plants?

#4. WHAT IF technologies were brought to the US after World War II, and a 7,000 barrels per day  plant was designed and built in Brownsville Texas?

#5. WHAT IF similar projects have been built in various countries today?

syn2#6. WHAT IF an American uncovered a formula that was devised by the Nazis in WW II to make gasoline from synthetic products, thereby eliminating the necessity for oil–and oil companies. A major oil company finds out about it and tries to destroy the formula and anyone who knows about it.

#7. WHAT IF the Arab countries and the US have a conspiracy to “sit” on the synthetic fuel formulas in order to keep the oil economy the world-wide currency?

It took a little doing to get Google to combine “Nazi” and “synthetic fuel,” but I eventually found the article in the WIKIPEDIA upon which WHAT IF numbers 1-5 are taken.  It is quite a fascinating article.

Numbers 6-7 are taken from the IMDB description of the movie THE FORMULA starring George C. Scott and Marlon Brando.  The movie may not have gotten rave reviews at the time, but watching it today may cause you just a little bit of discomfort.

Take a look and see.


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