nordictrack-t5_5I joined a gym in February.  It was great.  I struggled against the weight machines, and walked for miles on the treadmills.

I pulled my deltoid from my biceps, so I just walked more miles on the treadmill.  I had a steroid shot for the pain.

Then, I had a brilliant idea – why not get a treadmill for my home!  I would save wear and tear on my car, save gas, and I would be able to avoid the snow, the slush, and the traffic!

So I bought an economy version of a treadmill at Sears.  It was TOO cheap, so I traded up to a Nordic Track T5.5 – a great machine.

Only problem  – as the treadmill motor spins, it creates static electricity!

The steeper I climb, or the faster I walk, the more the motor turns, and the more the static electricity FILLS the room.  It even affects the TV.  If I touched the machine while wearing headphones, I could hear the hiss.

I took a transistor radio to Gold’s Gym, and all their treadmills create static as well.

I sent my treadmill back.

goldsFortunately, Gold’s Gym has a one month free plan, so I have been spending my time at Gold;s.    This gym includes a basketball court and a walking track.  I LOVE basketball, and the walking track is a dream.  It doesn’t create static electricity.

There is a swimming pool if I ever decide to embarrass myself.

It is a wonder at both gyms to watch the various forms of torture devices men and women submit to.  Gold’s has even more terror racks then the previous gym had.  More ways to stretch those muscles – and people do.  You should see the “hunks” of both sexes!  VERY distracting!

Me, I divide my time between the track and the basketball court.


The membership fees to Gold’s Gym are quadruple the cost of my previous gym, but I just might find the money somehow.

No pain, no gain.


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