We have more people alive now than we had when I was a child in the 50s.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt SEEMS we have more nut-cases running amok now than in th 50s..

One of the things I worry about is all the radio and micro waves bombarding us.  I am not “crazy”, but a crime drama the other night had a guy who worried even more than I do about such rays.  For him, the microwaves were personal – influencing him and maybe even talking to him.  He was schizophrenic, but I often wonder how many of these TV, cellphone, microwave ovens, TV, headphones, and all our other gadgets REALLY are frying our brains.

Maybe we have the same number of weird criminals per capita as we had in the 50s, but it just seems like the numbers have increased because TV coverage has increased.

Motorcyclists had cameras on their helmets when they hassled that SUV.  Beacoup cameras caught the action of the lady running amok in Washington D.C.  Not more weirdness, just more coverage of the weird.

I have two versions of the D.C. lady.

VERSION ONE This lady took a wrong turn while touring Washington D.C. from another state.  She hit a barrier, and because security-types are hyper everything due to stress and terrorism, guns were drawn as the lady tried to get away to avoid a ticket. While backing up, she didn’t even see the security guard behind her because she was so nervous. She panicked, and even drove in circles.  When she stopped her car, she was sitting inside trying to figure out how to talk to the authorities, when she was shot multiple times.

VERSION TWO: This terrorist woman intended to kill herself, her baby, and as many others as she could.  She rammed a Washington D.C. barrier with the intention of breaking through it, and running down as many people as possible until she was shot.  She hit a security guard while backing up, with the intent to kill him.   She stopped her car and patiently waited for cops to kill her and her baby. She and her baby would immediately go to heaven.

Oh say, what is truth?

According to my latest COAST TO COAST AM newsletter from last night, “First hour guest, psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin  talked about a rise in people behaving strangely, such as the woman who  tried to ram a security barrier near the White House, and a man who  shot himself and his wife when they didn’t get on Family Feud.  People get attention when they behave bizarrely or violently, and may  suffer from a lack of self-worth, he said.

“He further pointed at the  increased economic instability many are facing as a possible factor in  people’s breakdowns. “We need to revive the concept in America that  individuals matter…that’s missing, there’s no sense of America as a  community,” he commented.”

Let me rephrase that last comment.  “. . . there’s no sense of America as FAMILIES.”

I grew up a long time ago, when going “down home” for the holidays was a big deal to me.  It meant a big barn, my favorite Teddy bear in the attic, and lots of people.  Lots of family.  A large family that CARED for each other..

Now, my life was very unsteady, so I don’t want to paint a false picture of what my life was like as a child – all roses and pancakes.  It wasn’t.  But somehow, I knew in my heart that we should be sharing family meals together.  That we should be going on outings together.  That we should play games together.  That we should gather our family at one side of the football, and challenge all the neighbors on the other side.

It is my theory that there would be less nuts in the world if their were less cameras and more families.


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