exerciseHreadFOXNEWS reports today, “. . .  new research has shown that exercise may be equally as effective as certain prescription medications at treating these chronic – and sometimes deadly – diseases.”

“Overall, the researchers saw no significant difference between exercise and drug intervention for the secondary prevention of heart disease and the prevention of diabetes.  And in the case of stroke patients, exercise was found to be more effective than drug treatment at extending a person’s mortality.  However, diuretic drugs were found to be more effective than exercise and other drugs for the helping patients with heart failure.”

As always – check with your doctor first.

I take Pravastatin, so this sentence caught my attention, ” . . . . statins, commonly prescribed cholesterol lowering medications, may actually block some of the health benefits seen from exercise.”

Great.  That’s all I need to hear.

Keeping track on a chalkboard?  Keep an eraser handy – you never know what the next study will say.




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