1963vetteAbout 1964, when I was fresh out of high school, this guy at work took me on a “spin” in his Corvette.

And I do mean “spin.”  We swerved all over the place as he tore out of the parking lot.  I was scared.  He was grinning.  The dang car was SUPPOSED to fishtail!

Now days, they have made an entire series of movies showing cars driving sideways on purpose.  Fast.  Furious. Etc.

I’ve always been a fan of the Corvette – I LOVE the idea it is made of fiberglass.  I love the styling (particularly the split rear window decades ago).  The speed.

Fortunately for me, I can’t squeeze into the things, and I have never had THAT kind of money!  “Fortunately” because the Lord knows how quickly I would wrap the thing around a tree (my first Ford Fairlane lasted about 24 hours.)

So, the news caught my eye when it started talking about a Corvette station wagon.



aerowagonWell, not exactly.  It is a conversion.  Whew.  I am a traditionalist, and would hate to see a Corvette wagon come off the assembly line.

According to FOXNEWS, “Callaway will begin converting 2014 Corvette Stingrays into AeroWagons. . .  The AeroWagon is a Corvette Stingray shooting brake; a coupe with the tail end of a wagon. Think of it as a budget American alternative to the Ferrari FF, or the equally custom Aston Martin-based Bertone Jet.”

Yeah, right.  You lost me at “shooting brake.”

For the rest of you – ENJOY!!!




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