From my Coast-to-Coast AM newsletter this morning:

Coast2Coast-logoFirst hour guest, reporter David Seaman reacted to the latest revelations about the NSA, such as their covert $250-million-a-year program  with tech companies to insert weaknesses into the security of their  products, so they can more readily break encryption codes. It’s pretty  unbelievable that a tax payer funded agency is spending this kind of  money to make products actually less safe for customers, he commented.  Further, the NSA has been intrusively collecting large amounts of data  on US citizens’ social connections, who they are interacting with, both  online and off, Seaman detailed. We’re in a transitional time now, he  noted, and a movement is gathering steam against what the NSA has been  doing (a non-partisan rally Stop Watching Us is planned for October 26th in Washington DC).


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