yogaShapeI think yoga is a fascinating art.  Dozens of people must agree with me because 38 classes were taught by 27 area yoga instructors at the local university this past weekend.

This particular workshop extended beyond just plain relaxing for the sake of relaxing.  Organizer Michelle Taylor told the STANDARD EXAMINER she, “believes yoga is an important practice for its numerous health benefits ranging from stress relief to exercise to mental discipline. She also credits yoga with alleviating depression.”

I believe in yoga –  I just wish I could get my 68 year-old bones to agree.

RebeccaOur son David’s girlfriend teaches yoga and offers massage in Columbia, MO  Her business is called Bellelune Massage and Therapy

Need a massage?  Rebecca says, “If your primary concern is relaxation, choose Swedish, Thermal Palms, or Aromatherapy.  If your main goal is treatment of a condition such as chronic low back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome, choose Therapeutic Deep Tissue.  If you are coming in for a quick back massage over a lunch break, choose Chair Massage.”

How about yoga?  “In addition to providing massage therapy, I offer private and semi-private yoga lessons. Each private session is designed specifically for your needs. We develop exercises, called yoga asanas, for your individual situation, taking into consideration your fitness level, stress level, and personal goals. In a private session I am able to provide more hands on attention (physical adjustments and assisted stretching), than is often possible in a group yoga class.”

Her public yoga instruction is given at Alley Cat Yoga, rated “Best of Columbia (MO) 2013.”

I just wish Bellelune Massage and Yoga was closer to my home!




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