Note my advice elsewhere to stay away from some machines.

Awesome Åshild

Unless you only go to the gym to take pictures and check in on Facebook, only to prove that you go to the gym. Because if you keep lifting 1kg dumbbells, you won’t get any results to prove that you are going, so you will need all the pictures you can get.

I must say though, I’ll give you a little credit for moving away from the treadmill (because the treadmill won’t get you anywhere) and over to the (light)weight section of the gym. A little pad on the back for that. But, the weights you are holding in your hands needs to be a little heavier. Actually, strike that, a lot heavier. Obviously, if you have never lifted weights before, start with a few easier sessions before you go really hard. But if the weights you are holding are so light that you can do 50-100 repetitions without…

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