. . . .  other days I feel like death warmed over.

I’ll be 68 here in a few days.  I have more health problems than you can shake a stick at, yet I play as much basketball as I can, and use my treadmill about an hour a day when I can’t find a game.  I “zone out” on that treadmill!

My diet is hodgepodge, as I can’t do what four different doctors tell me to do.

But I try.

FitMy chiropractor has some good words of advice in the latest newsletter from RIVERSIDE SPINE AND WELLNESS CENTER – “It is important to remember that what works for you, works for you. Each of us needs to find his or her best way forward. Some methods of exercise will be experienced as intuitive and enjoyable. Others will be experienced as the opposite. You probably won’t want to continue any of the latter. For example, the exercise program suggested by your friend may not be effective for your physical makeup and may even be harmful. Your chiropractor is an expert in healthy exercise and will be able to recommend fitness activities that will be right for you.”



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