Milk may not be just milk if the U.S. dairy industry gets its way.  It seems that one last bastion of your child’s breakfast may be going the way of all our food – one more additive for good measure.

milkIt its latest issue, EXPERIENCE LIFE reports, “Milk producers are petitioning the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow aspartame in chocolate and other flavored milks without advertising it on the front label, keeping this synthetic additive hidden in the fine print.”

Is nothing sacred!

Aspartame “is found in diet sodas, cereals, yogurts, chewing gum, and more, where it’s used as a low-calorie food additive that is 200 times sweeter than sugar. It’s also been a subject of controversy since it was approved for human consumption by the FDA in 1981. In the years since, various studies link long-term consumption of the substance to headaches, autoimmune diseases, depression, attention deficit disorder, tumors, and various types of cancer.”

Now the question is, can we stop this latest encroachment?  Or, in a few months, will we be reading our milk labels with a magnifying glass to see what we are REALLY buying?  Just like thousands and thousands of processed foods already on the market.

This is getting ridiculous.




2 thoughts on “Milk is milk, right?

  1. they have to advertise it! I do not like what I’ve read aspartame does. But i really think they have to list it because of those that are allergic to phenylalanine.


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