NSAUtahThat spy monster in the desert is so secret, but rumor has it the thing is up and running right now.

As the Salt Lake Tribune wonders, “Shhh … NSA’s Utah Data Center may be open already – Officials won’t say directly whether it’s up and running or not.”

Duh.  Of course the biggest spy building in the world won’t tell you jack.

“NSA officials declined to say whether the center is already online, but the secret agency isn’t known for celebrating the opening of classified buildings. . . . The facility is expected this fall to quietly begin sucking in massive amounts of information for the intelligence community and storing it in the cavernous buildings in Bluffdale, according to NSA officials — and it could be open now even as the agency faces scrutiny over efforts to collect data on Americans domestically.”

So, how much more data can this monster store?  MUCH more.

“The $1.5 billion building, based on the Utah National Guard’s Camp Williams straddling Utah and Salt Lake counties, will be the NSA’s largest computing center in the world with about 1 million square feet of space. . . ”

Okay.  Nothing we can do about it.

Maybe stop writing public articles about such things.




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