BodyOutlineFor years, I refused to watch Criminal Minds on TV.  It is WAY to gross and disgusting.  Surely there are not that many people out there THAT twisted?

My local NBC TV affiliate stopped showing HANNIBAL after about a half-dozen episodes.  I’m guessing they thought along the same lines as myself.

When you add up all the blood and guts on CSI I, II, and III, and a few other cop shows, that is just too many murders, folks!  At least I HOPE that is just too many murders.

At the very least, that is just too many PERVERTED murders.

Now, the HARD QUESTION: does all that blood and perversion inspire REAL crimes?  I pray not, but do we know for sure?  I read about murders, but I can’t remember a murder linked to torture and dismemberment?

By sheer coincidence, a guest on last night’s COAST TO COAST AM radio show talked about this very subject.  I was not aware of this, but my newsletter caught me up.  “On Wednesday’s show,  Douglas E. Richards . . . discussed the latest  scientific findings about the nature of psychopaths . . . . During his research, Richards was  stunned to find out that 1% of the population are considered  psychopathic, and such people can be found in many walks of life. A  psychopath exhibits a range of specific behaviors and traits– they are  absolutely without conscience or empathy, they’re ruthless and  cold-blooded, and do not fully experience emotions, he detailed.

“Yet, conversely, psychopaths can be incredibly charming, and often are  brilliant liars and manipulators. “If they’re caught in a lie, it  doesn’t faze them at all,” because they don’t have any shame,  embarrassment, or self-consciousness, and will just create a bigger lie,  he explained. “They can even fool people who study them for a living,”  are cool as a cucumber under pressure, never take blame for anything,  and have the ability to zero in on people’s weaknesses, he added.  Psychopaths are chillingly sane, while psychotics are out of touch with  reality, Richards continued.”

“ONLY” ONE PERCENT.  I know, I know, that is bad enough, but it surely confirms my suspicions that if you add up all those TV shows, that is just too many PERVERTED murders

detective1A pet peeve of mine drove me away from shows like CSI in the middle of the first year.  We have a CSI lab here in town, and I am positive they do not carry guns and chase the bad guys and shoot them down.  CSI examiners do just that – examine.  They visit the crime scene with tweezers, take the samples back to the lab, and stare at the samples for clues.

Oh, I have to admit back when I was growing up, GUNSMOKE was our favorite show.  It was number one for something like 20 years.  Matt Dillon didn’t shoot someone in EVERY episode, but I’ll bet his total over all those years was impressive.  I’ll bet a REAL wild west marshal would be involved in a fatal shooting only ONCE in a career – if that many.

Something to think about.

Confession:  I started watching Criminal Minds a few months ago during a boring re-run season.




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